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Once upon a time, (which is where all good stories begin), two people (who for some reason are telling this story in the third person) who were housemates in a street called Elverson in London starting socialising.  Then they started dating, moved to Sydney, got married, made some humans and, after a combined 40 years in the brand, marketing, writing, and social space, decided to start an agency that supported businesses to get their social media right.

In the first four years of their existence, when they were known as Elverson Social and their tagline was ‘positively social’. They delivered social media solutions – primarily strategy, training and crisis management. During this time, they realised that people didn’t understand the importance of ‘social’ went far beyond just having a Facebook page. And thus, like all storybook heroes wanting a happy ending for all the characters, they become quite evangelical about the power of positive social and integrating it effectively into every single business.

You see dear readers, Positive social goes far beyond ‘social media’.

Positive Social is everything. It’s the story of your brand, it’s your brand in action, it’s your brand online, it’s the people that work for your brand, it’s the people that buy your brand, it’s in how you impact people and most of all, it’s how your brand does it’s best to make their corner of the world a better place.

And so they decided to focus on being purveyors of positive social. In January 2018, they launched the new brand “Positively Social” and streamlined their offering to focus on social storytelling, social impact and social good.

End of first chapter.

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Alison Hallworth is the Director of Storytelling.
She has over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, branding, social media and ‘apparently’ talks too much. She is an admirer of wordsmiths, quirky thinking, equality, chutzpah and kindness. Actively opposed to apathy. She is a blogging ambassador for World Vision via her blog Talking Frankly, an accomplished profaner and a vocal human rights supporter. 

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Nick Hallworth is the Voice of Reason.
He is an experienced and innovative digital marketer with extensive experience in constructing and delivering e-marketing strategies that drive customer engagement and membership. He is part hipster and regular contributor to the music site Music Junkee (formerly Faster Louder). He likes the colour brown, weird comedies and spending time following obscure threads on Twitter.