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Think of something you love, or if you’re the grumpy kind, something you kind of like. When you think about why you love/like this thing it comes to you as a narrative. Say you say you love the drink bottle in front of you on your desk. That’s a story. You will have chosen it based on the material it’s made of, the colour it is, and it’s cost. You may have a particular fondness of the drink bottle’s brand because you know that they only use sustainable environmental practices in their development processes. 

Every single product or service available to you as a consumer has a story. Some are big stories. Some are small stories. Every element of that story is content. The sentences. The pictures. People’s feedback. The colour. How it impacts people. How it works. Development. Processes. All of it. 

In business speak we refer to it as marketing. As communications. As advertising. As brand development. As content. 

Your story is  words, pictures, audio, video, competitions, infographics, presentations, ebooks, or blogs – anything that informs, entertains or otherwise engages your audience.

It needs to represent your brand. It needs to be consumable. It needs to have value or add value. It needs to have context. It needs to be relevant. Sometimes content is planned. Sometimes it’s spontaneous.

Not all stories are created equal. But they are all important. 

We help brand, design, write, script or produce stories for your audiences. We won’t provide back up vocals but would be more than happy to provide interpretative dance interpretations of your story if required.