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The questions posed to me was “Why do I want my employees on LinkedIn? Won’t they just get poached?”

Well yes. It’s possible. Your employees might not choose to stay with you for the term of their natural lives. But, the benefits of having your employees on LinkedIn are many. Here’s my top ten!

  1. If you are getting your employees to shout about their achievements, recommend each other, give say thanks to great clients or great suppliers, you are building a culture of positivity that tells your employees that you value what they do.
  2. If you’re employing people that are great representatives of your brand, having them linked to your company profile means that you basically have a great big brag book of the team you employed that is accessible by anyone thinking of doing business with you.
  3. If you encourage all your employees to regularly update their profiles, ensuring that their projects and achievements are showcased, you are getting to show off the achievements of your brand.
  4. If you’re creating and building a great culture, even if they are approached, it’s going to have to be an exceptional offer to take them away from a brand that values them openly.
  5. You will be attracting new talent that wants to work for a positive, empowering brand that values their people. You’ll be attracting the best of the best.
  6. Encouraging them to update their profiles regularly, write articles and showcase their expertise reflects positively on your business, but also allows the individual skill sets of each employee to demonstrate the expertise that exists within your business. It allows you to remain innovative and competitive.
  7. The networks that each employee establish, will open up opportunities that only come about due to existing relationships.
  8. You position yourself as an influencer, thought leader or industry expert without having to spell it out.
  9. Encouraging your employees to keep their profiles updated, means you build an awareness of your employees outside of their current role and responsibilities.
  10. Aligns your internal and external messaging in a way that enables your employees to live the brand, not just work for it.