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The dictionary definition of social and/or sociable is “willing to talk and engage in activities with other people.”

So basically, positively social is about utilising your platforms, BOTH traditional and digital, to have a conversation. It is about owning your space, being transparent, being open to feedback. It’s not just about having a Facebook page or a social media manager.

It’s about creating a culture and a structure that is genuinely representative of your brand. It’s about preparation, it’s about designing risk management processes, it’s about empowering staff, it’s about aligning your messaging.

It’s understanding we operate in the H2H space now. Businesses don’t make decision. Consumers don’t make decisions. Humans do. People. Every touch point you have with people is more than a marketing opportunity, or advertising, or sales, or recruitment. It’s about creating connections that endure.

It’s knowing how to tell your story. Depending on your brand, your story might feel more like a choose your own adventure as you put it together. While you get to create the central narrative, how people engage with your stories and the decisions they make as a result of the information you give them, that determines whether or not they are happy with the end outcome.

Positively social is about engaging with dissenters so that you can learn from them. It’s about celebrating your brand champions both internally and externally. It’s a business mindset. It’s proactive. It’s not all about you.

The difference between success and failure is always going to be around investment. If you are committed to creating an environment which is reflective of your brand.s values, helps your achieve your business objectives and supports good business health, then you need to invest in the humans that work for you, and the humans that you want to buy from you. That means empowering them through education, information and connection.

What does every dad say? He says WE NEED A PLAN!

And that means structure. Structure allows for spontaneity.  Strategies lead to success.

Which is a very positive outcome I think you’ll agree?