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There’s a big difference between ‘doing social media’ and ‘being on social media’ and whether it’s because you want to personally increase your understanding or because you want to streamline your brands approach to social, we are the people to talk to about it.

We do a few different things when it comes to training.

First of all – we don’t sell products when we train you.

Secondly, we train people differently depending on what they want to know and how they like to learn.

Some people prefer one on one training, some prefer small group, some prefer getting their whole team together to do some training so they can justify putting the lunch on expenses.

We are not here to judge and save us a sandwich.

And lastly, we teach people how to use specific platforms, how to blog for business, how to source content from their teams, how to empower people to champion your brand, how to integrate social media into your operations and, oh, lots of things.

Let’s talk.